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Factory-friendly ST-E1 Black color and blue rubber are now available!
Syscall, a leader in wireless calling systems, introduced the 'ST-E1 Call button’ in new black case and blue rubber colors, specifically targeting factory environments.With the release of the ST-E1 Call Bell in black case and blue rubber, the product can now be utilized in various settings. The call bell is available in two casing colors, black and white, and can be combined with three different r ... More
Wireless S-Factory Solution with tablet PC
Syscall new factory solution has been launched that allows for easy control of factory and warehouse conditions on the move or from the office via S-Book. Developed in collaboration with BASICS Co., Ltd. this product integrates seamlessly with Syscall Software.Managers on the move can now instantly detect material shortages and emergencies on production lines, increasing productivity and operation ... More
SYSCALL Participation in the “INTRALOGISTICA” International Logistics Exhibition in Poland and New I ... More
Syscall's Polish distributor, Syscall Polska, participated in the International Logistics Exhibition held in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Representatives from the Korean headquarters also attended the exhibition to support the event.At the exhibition, Syscall introduced the TGP-200 vehicle exit and movement solution, conducting consultations with automobile manufacturers and various logistics co ... More
‘Syscall’ Announces Launch of New White Color for its Guest Pager, ‘GP-100R’
Syscall, a specialist in wireless call systems, has announced the launch of a new 'White' color variant for its guest pager, the GP-100R. The GP-100R pager is distinguished by its unique donut shape and a premium UV-coated case. The product incorporates a shock-absorbing silicone ring on its side, ensuring durability against breakage or malfunction from falls. Additionally, the central hole of the ... More
‘Syscall’ Launches New Product 'ST-4008': “A Multifunctional Call Button”
Syscall, a specialist in wireless call systems, has announced the launch of Syscall's new product, the 'ST-4008'. This latest offering from Syscall, a leading name in wireless call systems, is a calling system commonly seen in cafes and restaurants. The 'ST-4008' distinguishes itself from previous models with an expanded feature of eight buttons, the most in any calling system released to date. No ... More

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