Wireless Calling System is suitable for many business categories and industries especially F&B Outlet. The appeal of this system lies in its user-friendly installation which is both cost effective and productive in enhancing service levels. >Wireless Calling System has developed transmitters, pagers, and receivers that could be extremely useful if you are managing a restaurant. The products focus on the restaurant industry but it can be also applied for cafes, grocery stores, retails, hotels and casinos. Basically, here is how the system works. It includes wireless calling system for customer use and a wireless paging system for staff use. When customers need service, they will press the call button on the table. The staff will check the table number from the receiver and he can directly reach out to see what the customer needs. Besides, the waiter will also receive notifications from the chef, so waiter can pick up the foods quickly from kitchen. The system obviously will give the right solution to restaurants. It will improve customer satisfaction by serving customer immediately and this will lead to increase table turnover. Therefore the restaurant will run business more efficiently and maximize profits by facilitating staffs’ workflow effectively. Simply to understand how the system works, click and watch the Syscall commercial below.

Wireless Calling System

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Wireless Calling System

Make your restaurant more profitable.


Reduce noise, Improve Guest Flow and Increase profit

hotel paging

Inspire guest loyalty


Differentiate your service from others


Inspire guest loyalty


Be simple and work smart


Better communication promotes better healthcare for patients and families


Boost productivity and efficiency


Be safe and secure

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